ArtVilnius’17 terms and conditions for exhibitors



Please return dully completed application form and all materials to application@artvilnius.com or to Lithuanian Art Gallerists’ Association, J. Basanaviciaus str. 1/13, LT-01118 Vilnius, Lithuania.

ArtVilnius’17 application form for galleries (download)


Admission committee 

The admission committee of ArtVilnius’17 participants will be composed of:

Diana Stomienė | ArtVilnius  Director
Ernestas Parulskis | Art Critic
Sonata Baliuckaitė | Art Critic, ArtVilnius Art Project Manager
Dr. Virginija Vitkienė | Art Critic, Kaunas Biennial Artistic Director
Virginijus Kinčinaitis | Art Critic



More information:
Tel.: +370 5 2610975
Email: info@artvilnius.com

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